The Perfect Martini

We’re going to be providing you with all the info, tips and drinks recipes you need to be the perfect host over the coming months, but first of all we thought we’d start with one of our favourites, and a classic.

Here, we learn how to make the perfect Martini – and despite what James Bond might think, it’s stirred, not shaken.

Just in case you’ve ever wondered what a Dirty Martini is, stay tuned for our next video.

Our New Site!

So, this is our new site and it’s finally up and running.

We’re going to be providing you with the very best drink ideas and cocktail recipes, tips to help make you look like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and everything else you need to enjoy a quiet drink in the evening, or provide your party guests with the kind of drinks they’ll never forget.

Come on in – we’re open!